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LASERAL INDUSTRIAL LASER SYSTEMS Our Products Pulse Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Turkey, Turkish Pulse Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer by LASERAL INDUSTRIAL LASER SYSTEMS.
Pulse Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Ürün Hakkında Fiberjet presents pulse fiber laser technology that enables cutting precious metals and reflective metals up to 5 mm thickness. Fiberjet Pulse Fiber Laser Cutting System is the most economical solution in its class in Turkey. Nowadays, the cutting capacity of FIBERJET system is sufficient for many of the mass or special productions, which is also preferred by many small or medium scale factories for their own cutting jobs. These systems are offered as 150W and 300W options by FIBERJET. Desired power of pulse fiber laser cutting units can be integrated into the Safety Class 1 cabin system, which ensures laser beam not to come out in terms of work safety. Precise cutting is possible thanks to the positioning system controlled by program and servo motors.