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LASERAL INDUSTRIAL LASER SYSTEMS Our Products MOTF (Mark-On-The-Fly) System Turkey, Turkish MOTF (Mark-On-The-Fly) System Manufacturer by LASERAL INDUSTRIAL LASER SYSTEMS.
MOTF (Mark-On-The-Fly) System
Ürün Hakkında A non-stop processable laser system can be easily integrated into the conveyor or production line using the dynamic marking (MOTF) module. These high-tech fiber laser systems operate independently of the user and can be also used manually operated on demand or can be removed and integrated into another system. -There are integrated systems that work with speed marking 400m / min. varies according to the material requested. -Our marking station can be easily integrated in your conveyor or production line thanks to the modular design. -The fiber laser can be operated manually or can be removed and integrated into another system, it is easy to use and can be set quickly by the operator. -An advanced technology, self-operating, user independent.