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LASERAL INDUSTRIAL LASER SYSTEMS Our Products Metal Label Marking System Turkey, Turkish Metal Label Marking System Manufacturer by LASERAL INDUSTRIAL LASER SYSTEMS.
Metal Label Marking System
Ürün Hakkında The computer-controlled, manually and automatically usable metal label marking machine has a structure that precisely aligns the metal label to work area and does not need anyone to stand over the machine during the process. -The ability to mark labels in different sizes thanks to the dynamically changeable reservoir that is pneumatically operated with air. -Accurate, fast, integrated automation eliminates operator dependence. -Label mountable design with 0.5 mm wall thickness to the feed hopper (label thickness can optionally be increased). -The double reservoir system allows the operator to feed the labels on two separate platforms. -Each reservoir has 500 individual tag capacities. -Time control with PLC (only with time input) or fully automated system with laser on-off signal transmission. -Fiber laser system can be easily replaced and can be used manually. -With its superior pneumatic positioner automation group - positioning accuracy ± 0.05 mm -First and only automatic label feeding system designed and manufactured in Turkey and actively working