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Fiber Laser Marking Unit
Ürün Hakkında Fiberjet Pulse Fiber Laser Marking System is designed for laser marking of all kinds of metals and metal alloys, plated and painted metal, many plastics and different materials used in the industry. Thanks to fiber laser technology, service and operation costs are very low. It is an easy to use, reliable and cost-effective laser that can be used easily in almost every sector producing metal and plastic materials, especially in areospace, defence, automotive, medical, jewelry, mold industries and increases your competition chance by getting excellent marking results on your products. Fiberjet Pulse Fiber Laser Marking Units are offered as 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W to the customer's need and can be integrated into the desired marking system. Fiberjet Laser Marking Systems including MaxiMark that ensures work safety, RotaryMark for mass production, compact designed MidiMark, DeskMark that is suitable for every sector, Folio Label Marking System that is capable of marking self-adhesive labels are the best solutions for your marking needs. Also many more customized solution is evaluated to meet your requirements.