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LASERAL INDUSTRIAL LASER SYSTEMS Our Products CO2 Cartesian Laser Cutting System Turkey, Turkish CO2 Cartesian Laser Cutting System Manufacturer by LASERAL INDUSTRIAL LASER SYSTEMS.
CO2 Cartesian Laser Cutting System
Ürün Hakkında The machines which are produced as a cartesian system can precisely cut and mark all the leather, textile, plexi and inorganic materials. 100W machines are preferred to cut and mark the plexi up to 20mm. The system is equipped with the most preferred software and the control card in similar systems, and stands out with ± 1% repeatability. High resolution up to 2600d d.p.i can be achieved without any difficulty even with very precise patterns. It is much more durable and has longer life than the cheaper tubes. R.e.c.i.. This is the most used and favourite tube in leather processing systems. The glass tubes used in cartesian type machines are divided into two types and these are glass headed and metal headed. R.e.c.i. is metal headed, and many problems caused by glass headed tubes have been removed.